Two-time champ may have dangerous foreign ties

Investigation reveals unsavory connection to unfriendly nation

Two-time champ may have dangerous foreign ties

Early Friday morning, reports hit social media feeds that a prominent friend had troubling connections to a foreign power while holding a leadership position within the conference.

An FMAA investigation quickly ruled out Russia because the former Cold War rival nation already has its hands in enough cookie jars. However, the Friendly Crimes Unit did uncover ties between Chris Lusk (1 North Carolina) and the unfriendly nation of Ecuador (pronounced “Eh-kwha-dthor”). It is still unclear whether Lusk used his position as commissioner of the CMA to leak friendly secrets to the South American government, but the connection is still troubling.

Lusk openly admitted to the connection when investigators reached him Friday afternoon.

“I’ve shared my entire game plan with Ecuador,” he said. “North Carolina is not only a powerhouse on the court — we’re a friendly force commited to growing the great game of friendship-ball around the world.”

Lusk said people everywhere love a Cinderella story, and he feels the nation of Ecuador is on deck. He shared plans to include the country in the forthcoming World Friendship Classic.

Daily Conference commissioner Lindsey Lusk (2 Kentucky, 15 Troy) called the news of the investigation “disheartening, but not shocking.” Chris moved from the Daily to the CMA two years ago.

“He turned on his conference; why not his country?” she said.

Ecuador has a long history of friendly rights violations spanning back decades. Investigators discovered Chris Lusk’s travel dossier, which includes a trip to the South American country this week. Sources believe the trip could impact Lusk’s ability to friend appropriately during the ongoing 2017 tournament.

FMAA commissioner James Corley declined to comment on the investigation’s findings, citing a need to “gather all the facts” and “wait until something else takes over the news cycle so we can sweep this under the rug.”