League invites friends to join pick’em contest

The official FMAA tournament challenge is a chance to win even more friendship

League invites friends to join pick’em contest

Friends, buddies, pals. We at Friendship HQ are excited to announce a new component to this year’s festivities: the official Madness Challenge. Researchers from the FMAA Center for Friendship Experience have requested the league add a Friendship Pick’Em contest to this year’s competition, and the commissioner has decided to green-light the suggestion as a pilot program for the 2018 tournament.

“Honestly, I wasn’t aware we had researchers at this organization,” the commissioner said when asked for his approval. “But, uh, yeah. People like brackets and competition and stuff, so why not? Let’s do it.”

Therefore, the Friendship Madness Athletic Association hereby extends an invitation to all Friends to join in the competition.

The group

Name: FMAA18
Password: monkbernardo

The details

Each participant can submit up to two brackets, and the official stance of the FMAA is each Friend should enter one bracket of picks based on friendship matchups and one based on “reality” or “the actual games” (which, as we all know, is the lesser of the two).

The deadline

All brackets must be submitted by 11:15 a.m. (CST) Thursday.