Round 2: Who Wants to be a Best Friend

Round 2: Who Wants to be a Best Friend

The first round has been tabulated and verified. The “Covid-12” (h/t Luke Olsen) has been narrowed to the Elite Eight:

Olsen (8)
Brian O’Henry (8)
Annelise Russell (7)
Max Calanni (7)
Chris Lusk (5)
Jake Lovett (4 1/2)
Jessie Opoien (4+tie-breaker)
Austin Dean (4+tie-breaker)

The next round is ready to begin, and we’ll narrow those eight to the Friendly Four. Please submit your answers by 10 p.m. tomorrow (Saturday) to remain in contention. The lowest four scores will be eliminated.


Which is a nickname I’ve never gone by?
A. Yeemes
B. Jim
C. Ned Mraz
D. James Wayne

What is my favorite color?

What was the name of my childhood dog?
A. Shadow
B. Edgar
C. Rex
D. Piper

Name one of the women from my failed relationships.

At which restaurant have I not worked?
A. Interurban
B. Packard’s
C. Barrios
D. Red Robin

Who is my favorite author (living or dead)?

Which critically acclaimed comedy do I not enjoy watching?
A. Parks & Recreation
B. Brooklyn 99
C. Scrubs
D. Arrested Development

What is my favorite meat to eat?

Which band has led my annual Spotify top-played list every year they’ve released an album?
A. Beach House
B. Chvrches
C. Lord Huron
D. Coldplay

I was only a photographer at one non-sports event in college. Which event was it?

BONUS: What is my least favorite strategic decision ever made by Sam Presti, GM of the Oklahoma City Thunder?

TIE-BREAKER: Name at least two of my Standard Six Pokémon across all games.

May the Best Friend win.