(1) Jake Lovett DukeGardner-Webb

  • Conference: The Daily
  • History: 2013-2019
  • MVP: 2013

Jake is a 1-seed from The Daily Conference and is leading Duke and Gardner-Webb in the tournament. This friendwas named MVP in 2013. Jake is in the Friendship Madness field for the seventh time this year.

Message from the commissioner

As a fan of the Big 12 growing up — specifically a Nebraska fan — I never thought I’d make meaningful friendships with anyone from Iowa State. I couldn’t even tell you where Ames is located in Iowa. Then I went to the College Media Advisors’ conference in Louisville, Ky.

Jake was the sports editor of Iowa State’s college paper, and after hanging out with him and his peers for most of the conference, we continued to work together as fellow sports editors. Jake became a staple of Friendship Madness and someone I looked forward to interacting with during the tournament.

Jake is a talented journalist and a gifted designer. He is a Friend™ because he exemplifies the qualities I look for in a top-tier seed: sportsmanship, a good sense of humor about fate in sports, supportiveness and comraderie.

Also, when he started dating Annelise Russell, I thought he’d adopt my old boss’ approach to me when I first worked for her. I’m glad to know he’s always thought I mattered. 😉