(2) Lindsey Ruta Lusk KentuckyMontana

  • Conference: The Daily
  • History: 2013-2019
  • MVP: 2019

Lindsey is a 2-seed from The Daily Conference and is leading Kentucky and Montana in the tournament. This friendwas named MVP in 2019. Lindsey is in the Friendship Madness field for the seventh time this year.

Message from the commissioner

The last time I saw Lindsey, I was stumbling through a speech to my friends while drunk at the bar for my birthday, and nothing came out right. Fortunately, I think I’m better at typing stuff out than trying to come up with it on the fly after four or five whiskeys.

I’d been at the Oklahoma Daily, the independent student newspaper at OU, for a couple of semesters before I met Lindsey. She was hired to fill out our small summer editorial staff, and she pushed us to be better and do more from the moment she walked in the door. She forced me to open my eyes about so much through her arguments in the editorial board room and across the table from me at The Library. She’s also a fantastic cook. I still have dreams about a soup she made for us years ago as we watched the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.”

Lindsey is brilliant, determined, driven and passionate. She and her husband, Chris, are so competitive, they became the architects of the Lusk Rule, which allows married Friends to have separate teams instead of the standard shared team. There’s not much I wouldn’t do for either of them. Lindsey is a Friend™ because she is unbelievably giving, she hasn’t met anyone she couldn’t befriend if she wanted and she won’t let you settle for being less than you’re capable (and still ends up better than you).

Also, have you seen her smile? Try to be unhappy after seeing that.